What is SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting

The idea behind this concept begins from the thought of building a network of sites that create a network of links designed to promote a specific site.

As we know, one of the main ways to promote a website with Organic SEO is creating quality links from sites with similar content.

There are numerous possibilities for achieving SEO, the main methods are.

  1. Building a website from which dozens of links point to the site that you want to promote:

This is not good and unacceptable because the search engines think like a human: Assume that you see dozens of links from a particular site to another site, wouldn’t you suspect a connection between the sites exists? Would you value 50 links from one site as 50 links from different websites?

  1. Building a sites network with regular hosting and hiding the domain names with conventional methods.

This method is better than the  previous method because when a lot of sites point to the same domain it already seems to be more reliable though ... search engines know to check who host those domains and can discover that all of the domains are stored under the same address area (even if you have multiple ip addresses, they are still in the same address space, what is known professionally as C class) And it seems a little less reliable when most sites pointing to your domain are in the same address space.. And this is what leads us to the third method

  1. Building a sites network with SEO hosting service and attach each domain name to an ip address in different area of the world.

SEO hosting gives you different ip's which are stored in different areas of  the world so that search engines will not find any connection between the domains thus trust the quality and correctness of those sites links, which will raise the position of your organic search engines and provide you with free traffic.

Of course, you should always raise your sites quality with exclusive premium content, it's one of the things that search engines value most.