UsersFlow - Frequently asked questions


Where does the hosting take place?

At we have our own dedicated servers around the world. Upon adding your domains, you can choose a server from a list of servers available.

Can I change an IP for one of my websites?

Yes, but you will need to delete the old website, re-create a new one and change the A record to the new IP.

How many MB and bandwidth will I receive?

Hosting your site with our basic plan will give you 1GB for your domain and 40GB Bandwidth.

Why isn't there unlimited traffic and bandwidth like other hosting services?

Unlimited is not really unlimited. Hosting services that tell you that actually put thousands of other domains on the same server with a limited bandwidth. In this case your site will be loading slowly and this is also bad for Google SEO. The parameters that we give you are more than enough and they are real, your site's loading time will not be interrupted by other websites on the server.

Do you allow multiple accounts or domains on a single IP address?


What is the best way to refer the DNS to UsersFlow hosting?

At this moment we don't use "name servers", this means you will have to use "A RECORD" to point your domain.

Why doesn't UsersFlow use its own DNS?

If all your "network/sites" will use the same DNS, Google can know that all the sites belong to you, like a "footprint". This will damage your SEO.

Can I add domains or add a "Parked domain"?


Which operation systems do you support on your servers?

We currently offer Linux and Windows operating systems on our dedicated Servers.

How long does it take to create an account and host it?

Creating an account at will take you less then 20 seconds, hosting your domain will take you less then 1 minute.

Can I choose the IP's I want to host my website on?

Yes. We share all of our IP's with our clients, just choose the one you want.

I have many websites, how can I manage them?

One of the advantages of using our service is that you can control and log in to all your websites and manage them in one single dashboard.

Can I host any website I choose?

Our service allows you to create and host only WordPress sites.

Can I get a backup of my domain and database?

Yes! You can download a backup at any given moment.

Do you have an automatic backup?

Yes. We have a full backup done once a day for all sites and databases. If you want to be able to return back a couple of days, you can do a manual backup.

Can I know how much traffic and storage I use?

Yes. You have a control panel with those parameters.

Do I get a receipt after the purchase?

Yes. You can generate a PDF invoice with the details you add.

Why is UsersFlow's service so cheap?

The service is cheap because we are new and we want to penetrate the market. But don't worry, if you sign up now we will not change the price you pay in the future. Changes in prices can only occur to customers before they pay for a plan.

Do I have to commit to your service?

No! Payments are on a monthly basis and you can stop them at anytime.

Can I get FTP access?

No. Our system only gives you web control access.

If I don't know how to use your service what can I do?

Our service is very easy to use but still we will be happy to help you free of charge!

Do you have an Affiliate program?

Ongoing, under construction :-)